David Shapiro

President – Dec 2021

David Shapiro is a technical leader with over 20 years’ experience leading technology teams from diverse groups worldwide. His Passion is in ensuring STEAM education and job opportunities grow in the state of Louisiana and as a state, we become a hub for innovation and technology…

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Leroy Simpson

Vice President – May 2022

Dr. Leroy Simpson is an esteemed Psychology Professor and Industrial Organizational Psychologist with a profound interest in the convergence of technology, robotics, and artificial intelligence with human behavior, cognition, and decision-making…

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Marie Wade

Treasurer – July 2022

Professionally, Marie is a CPA candidate and a calculated risk-taker with deep financial industry knowledge. Marie has completed Doctoral studies in Business Administration with a concentration in Analytical Finance (ABD), an MBA …

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Ashley Wasuna

Board Secretary – April 2024

Ashley, With 13 years of experience in administrative roles brings expertise in record-keeping, documentation, communication, transparency and accountability..

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Chris Montgomery

Community Liaison – July 2022

Christopher Montgomery is the Assistant Director of Innovative Technologies & STEM Outreach at Northshore Technical Community College, based in Lacombe, La. Before joining NTCC in March 2020…

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Alisa Brown

Parent Liaison – Sept 2022

I am Alisa Brown, the current Parent Liaison for the Board of NorthShore Robotics. As an oceanographer in my former career path, I have a passion for science education, which I enjoy bring to the underserved and underrepresented populations…

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