David Shapiro

President – Dec 2021

David Shapiro is a technical leader with over 20 years’ experience leading technology teams from diverse groups worldwide. His Passion is in ensuring STEAM education and job opportunities grow in the state of Louisiana and as a state, we become a hub for innovation and technology.

Growing up in Brooklyn, New York instilled in David a core value of helping others and an ability to create and thrive in diverse groups. His first entry into technology was working as an IT professional on board cruise ships, mentoring and growing his technology team members as well as developing his ability to explain technology in terms anyone can understand.
Working with Ochsner Health since 2015, David is currently a Director overseeing multiple groups, the Ochsner IS internship program and the Information Services Diversity Fellowship program.

In 2018 David became a founding member of Northshore Robotics where he is now the president NSR has gained corporate sponsorship and developed a sustainable fundraising program. With David as President NorthShore Robotics has also started community outreach programs to fulfill its vision of all communities having access to quality STEAM education.

Albert Einstein “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.

  • NorthShore Robotics would not have to exist if the gap of STEAM education were not increasing, the Goal of NSR, along with the goal of any NonProfit should be to build foundations and change the community so it is not needed. NSR has goals to grow throughout the state and beyond if needed, however ultimately, we hope that we are a light that shines on the education crisis in Louisiana( and America) and that more lights shine on this issue until substandard education is eradicated.