Courtney Killeen

Board Secretary- Spring 2022

Bringing my expertise and experience to NorthShore Robotics since 2022 has been an exhilarating opportunity to challenge both myself and the organization to excellence in the pursuit of the worthy mission to Gear Kids Up for Success.

As an undergraduate student, I studied Psychology at Southeastern Louisiana University, earning my Bachelor’s degree and receiving recognition of achievement on the Dean’s and President’s lists all 4 years. Continuing into the graduate access program in Neuroscience at the University of Boulder, I invested another year of study until I landed a full time position with the Mental Health Center of Denver. While my field of focus was primarily Psychology, I took every opportunity to delve into art (of various mediums) and honors level, advanced Math and English. College sparked a sincere love of learning and a competitive need within myself to thoroughly explore the world with as much depth and breadth as I could handle. From playing Capeoira, a Brazilian martial art, to taking the stage in theatrical productions, to interning at a development center for people with Developmental Disabilities (just to name a few), I leaned into diverse experiences and learned life mottos such as ”Scare Yourself Everyday,” “Fail Quickly” and “See it Through.” By saying yes to every new path of opportunity, especially if it was intimidating, and putting in 100% effort, I learned to overcome the fear of failure and to surpass obstacles, succeeding through sheer tenacity.

Beyond school spanned 15+ years of professionalism in Property Management, Leadership, and Marketing with a lifelong passion for curiosity-driven learning.  Volunteering at various non-profit organizations such as early reading centers, churches, and stores aiding low income communities gave me deep feelings of purpose and compassion; it steered my mindset to altruism.

Meanwhile, I married my college sweet-heart who gave me 3 marvelous children and a remarkable life story which continues to this day. We became active in NorthShore Robotics to give my eldest a challenge and a peer group of bright kids within a team environment. After they closed out that first school year with high praises of success in growth and achievements, I signed on to my current role as Board Secretary, anticipating calendar management, board meeting documentation, and learning grant writing. What transpired was much more extravagant as we revamped the organization from the website and branding to the internal structure and job descriptions. We dreamed big and the vision was clear. We were going to bring access to high quality STEAM Education to the entire State of Louisiana and ensure that all low-access families and families from every walk of life had equity in that access.

Once we began evolving the organization,  I took on additional roles such as artistically advising marketing and branding, becoming the interim Treasurer overseeing bookkeeping and spending, providing input on all procedures and regulations being re-written,  identifying new volunteers and partnerships, and partnering with board members in every aspect of the organization’s growth. It has been an exploration of creativity in marketing designs, the application of industrial organization and strategic planning, and finally the realization of success through outreach endeavors to build relationships and deliver world class STEAM Education through robotics to low-access families. Passionately, I believe in our mission to Gear Kids Up for Success.